In need of a doctor in Brussels?
Contact the GBBW at 1733 7/7


In these uncertain times, the Garde Bruxelloise (GBBW) is mobilizing to continue to provide health care for all the people of Brussels. Our general practitioners receive you 7 days a week in our out-of-hours medical posts. Home visits are organised during on-call hours if necessary. If your family doctor is unavailable and if you experience symptoms of Coronavirus (fever, cough, headache, breathing difficulties...), call us first at 1733. You will be taken care of by our doctors on-call.


The Garde Bruxelloise is committed to helping you get through this period in complete safety.


Your health is our priority! Together, let's avoid the spread of the virus.


/ ! \ We don’t make any COVID-19 tests. However, the doctor on-call can prescribe you an e-form for a COVID-19 test. Then you can go to any active Covid Testcenter in Brussels.



The Brussels out-of-hours medical doctor/general practitioner (MD/GP) service provides the access to MD/GPs consultations everywhere in Brussels during all evenings, at night, on weekends and on bank holidays.

  • Out-of-hours medical posts

    There are 6 out-of-hours medical posts in Brussels where you can go in the evenings on weekdays and all day long on weekends and bank holidays.
  • Home visits

    If you are unable to move, a MD/GP can come to your home to perform the medical consultation. This service is available in the evenings and at night during weekdays, and on weekends and bank holidays (24/24).
  • Fees

    The consultations are all charged at the officially-defined fees. It is possible to pay cash or by card.
How the GBBW functions
How to find a personal/family doctor

Are you looking for a personal/family doctor in your area? Consult the FAMGB or the BHAK website to find contact details of Brussels-based MD/GPs.